Old School Runescape includes different types of elements, and the game is based on the MMORPG concept. All these elements make the game an entertaining option with lots of benefits. Mainly the elements are –

  • Skills
  • Combats
  • Quests

All these things have some sub parts or types. The players need to make related decisions carefully. With the help of a perfect runecrafting guide osrs, you can get lots of knowledge about the game. In the upcoming details, I’m going to mention some major factors related to the game and its way of playing.

Support skills

The game is including different types of skills, and all skills are helpful in performing some specific kind of activities. There are some support skills available in the game, and the following are some.

Trade skills

Trading skills are highly beneficial in making lots of things easier. It can help you in gathering different types of things such as – material for crafting purposes. As a result, the players can craft the armors and weapons with ease. All types of players are able to take help from these types of skills without any kind of issue.


It is available only for the premium players. When the players reach level 5, then they can start availing its services properly. With its help, the players are able to dominate the combats without any kind of issue.

Lumbridge thieves’ guild

If you are the premium game member, then you can access this particular skill. With the help of skill, the players can get lots of support during the combat easily.

Using all these skills with perfect gears or equipment can help you in winning the combat properly. In case you want to get proper guidance then consider the way of runecrafting guide osrs. The guide can provide some tips and tricks those are highly beneficial in making the way of playing game easier.

How to perform activities in combats?

For dominating the game and getting success, the players need to win combats. It can be possible if you have knowledge related to the perfect way of participating in combats. In case you want to sharpen the combat skills then you should take help from the combat academy. The way of an academy is beneficial in learning different types of combat styles. With it, the players can earn good XP levels in the academy.