Not only in solo but you can also play in a duo in a very popular game called League Of Legends. It is the most impressive game which will seek your attention with its features as well as graphics. If we talk about the ranked queues, then you are able to play as a solo or duo. If you are playing solo, then the ranking and tier will show according to the solo players.

However, still many players prefer to play as a duo so in this way to can easily select any one player who can easily play with you in order to be the best player of the game. If you are playing duo, but you, unfortunately, you are on the gold tier then don’t worry and use the option of lol placement matches. Consequently, you can easily reach the diamond tier after taking benefits of this service.

Ranked Flex

Players are eligible to play with other players in the ranked flex. Even they can play it along and expect to play with groups of other gamers who pay attention to the team play. We can easily check out the map rotations and coordinate along with three-man tower pushes. If we talk about the full five-person team, then it will become a complete and effective team up that will give you significant support in the gameplay of LOL. In addition to this, players of the game will grab different rewards and items at the end of the season according to their ranked flex tier.

Some limitations of Solo Queue

When you made your mind to play with the other player for ranked, then you need to pay attention to the ladder. Majority of LOL gamers wants to join those players who are in the one tier of their rank. On the other hand, if you join them and your will restricted according to the last season rank, then it will give you a bad ranking. Here are some more limitations that you should check following.

  • If you are on the bronze tier, then you are only able to tier with bronze and silver tier players
  • Silver tier players are only able to join the iron bronze silver and gold tier players.
  • Similarly, when you become a grandmaster, then you can easily queue with the master, grandmaster and also with the challenger player.

Therefore, you can easily be in the challenger tier who can easily queue along with grandmaster and other challenge tiers players.