Everybody wants to be in line with the latest IT and tech trends. However, top smartphone models are usually very expensive. Besides, you’d have to upgrade to a newer model every two years or so, and that’s not always possible from financial point of view.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to have a perfectly functional and cool looking mobile phone. There are many smartphone models that are affordable yet powerful. Let’s see how you can find the best budget mobile phones without spending ages on comparison websites.

The first thing to do is to write down your top priorities. What do you want from your smartphone? If you want to use it a lot for video and photography, you should choose a model that boasts a top-notch camera. If you want to play video games on your mobile phone, you have to go for a model with a bigger RAM memory and a more powerful processor. If you want a sleek device that you won’t use for anything else than texting, making voice calls and checking your social media accounts, you should choose the most beautiful model that suits your preferences, without worrying too much about the specs of the camera or about the RAM memory. If all that you are interested in is to have a very long battery life, this should be the first criterion of selection. Continue reading